Baku, 3 September 2022 (TDI): The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan commented on the illegal visit of the Secretary of the Security Council of Armenia to Khankendi city.

The Foreign Ministry of Azerbaijan issued its comment regarding the illegal visit of the secretary of the Security Council of Armenia, Armen Grigoryan. The Foreign Ministry says that this illegal visit undermines the efforts to normalize the relationship between the two states.

Azerbaijan MFA Comment on the visit

“The illegal visit of the Secretary of the Security Council of Armenia Armen Grigoryan to the city of Khankendi is a provocation by the Armenian side which undermines the efforts to normalize relations between the two states.

This deliberate illegal step taken by the Armenian official right after the Brussels meeting of the leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia not only casts a shadow on the agreements reached during the previous meeting but also clearly demonstrates that the Armenian side is not sincere in the process of normalization.

This illegal visit shows that Armenia’s statements that it has no territorial claims against Azerbaijan and accepts the principles of sovereignty and state borders are far from sincere.

It is also an act of disrespect to the efforts of international mediators by official Yerevan.

We strongly condemn the provocative step of the Armenian official and emphasize that any steps taken against the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan within its international borders will be adequately responded to.”

Azerbaijan and Armenia ties

The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan is ongoing as the world is witnessing the Russia and Ukraine crisis. Recently in 2020, Russia brokered a deal between the two warring states that resulted in the second Karabakh war. Recently both leaders from both sides met under the auspicious of the European Council President to discuss further ways to create peace in the region.

It is expected that a peace treaty might be signed between Armenia and Azerbaijan. This might also weaken the influence of Russia in the region where it had earlier made interventions to create peace between the two. This might also help develop stronger ties between Turkey and European countries.