Slovenia holds EU-Western Balkans Summit

PM Slovenia (middle) in EU-Western Balkan Summit.

Brdo, 8 October 2021 (TDI): The Republic of Slovenia hosted the EU-Western Balkans summit in Brdo on 6 October 2021.

The member countries of the European Union and the Balkan states attended the EU-Western Balkans summit in the presence of several international and regional stakeholders. Slovenia hosted this summit being the President of the Council of the European Union.
The main agenda of this summit was the EU enlargement. The European Union welcomed the commitment of the Balkan states to partner with the EU.
Moreover, the EU also reassured its dedication to the EU enlargement knowing that it would be in the interest of the whole European Community.
The allegiance of Western Balkans to the EU will strengthen the security and stability of Europe.
On the other hand, the Western Balkan states also reaffirmed their commitment to the European values and principles which are the prerequisites to join the EU.
Furthermore, The declaration of the summit which is known as the Brdo Declaration emphasized the cooperation of the Western Balkans and EU.
The membership of the Western Balkans depended on the primacy of democracy, empowered civil society, good governance, human rights, gender equality, fight against corruption, the rule of law and rights of minorities.
EU and Western Balkans agreed on enhancing the political dialogue for the negotiations of the EU enlargement.
The Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa emphasized EU enlargement by saying that EU membership is the eternal way for peace and stability of the region. He further said that the future of the Western Balkans will be the future of the European Union so the EU need to look at the European future for the Western Balkans.

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