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Secretary-General’s statement on Ukraine


New York, 22 February 2022 (TDI): While speaking to the reporters at the United Nations Headquarters, United Nations Secretary-General  António Guterres made important remarks on the ongoing situation in Ukraine.

He said that  United Nations is witnessing Russian military activity on a scale not seen in Europe in decades within Ukraine’s sovereign boundaries.

Secretary-General was of the view that this is a violation of the charter of the UN and this is unforgivable. It is, however, not irreversible. He has reiterated his request to President Putin from last night: to halt the military operation. Return the troops to Russia. We have seen the cost of war.

Secretary-General said that this week, we’re seeing Russian military activity that hasn’t been seen in Europe for years. A lot of the time, it’s clear that taking unilateral actions against the UN Charter is illegal.

He further added that when it comes to international relations, all United Nations members should not use force to harm another country’s territorial integrity and/or political independence in any way that is against the United Nations’ goals.

The use of force by one country against another shows that each country has broken its promise to uphold the same set of values. This is also true for the current military offensive.  That is not correct.  It is a violation of the charter.  This is unforgivable. It is, however, not irreversible.

Secretary-General said that death tolls keep going up in Ukraine, and images of despair, anguish, and terror are coming out from all over the country.  Individuals—ordinary, vulnerable people—always pay the highest price.

As a result, the UN is expanding its humanitarian activities in and around Ukraine.

Today, I’m announcing that we will contribute $20 million from the Central Emergency Response Fund right away to help people in need.

United Nations  want to stay in Ukraine and help people in need with the help of our humanitarian partners.  Members of the United Nations work on both sides of the conflict, always adhering to humanitarian ideals of neutrality and impartiality as well as humanity and independence, which they always try to live by.

United Nations  give life-saving humanitarian aid to anyone who needs it, no matter who they are or where they live.  Citizens’ safety must take primacy. Humanitarian and human rights laws must be followed. Decisions made in the following days will have an impact on our globe and the lives of millions of people.  Secretary General said that it is not too late, according to the Charter, to protect this generation from the scourge of war.

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