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Russia’s Sputnik Vaccine in 70 countries


Moscow, 27 August 2021 (TDI): Russia made headway in approving and delivering its Sputnik Vaccine in 70 countries. Russia is very active in its vaccine cooperation with its rapidly authorizing of vaccine which is 91.6 percent effective against COVID-19.

The countries which approved the Russian manufactured Sputnik vaccine are mostly in the Eurasian, Central Asian, South Asian, East Asian, and South American regions. The Sputnik Vaccine is the world’s first registered vaccine against coronavirus. It is now authorized in countries collectively containing 4 billion people. The vaccine increases its protection even more after 6 months as a result of antibody maturation. Pakistan is also one of the countries which have authorized the use of Sputnik.

Corona Virus Pandemic started in 2019 in China and soon the world saw its rampant spread. Until now, 215 million cases have been registered and 4.47 million deaths are recorded due to the pandemic. Vaccines are helping people around the world to immune themselves against the virus.



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