Moscow, 25 February 2022 (TDI): Russian President, Vladimir Putin, held a telephone exchange with Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad. Meanwhile, the objective of the dialogue was to deliberate upon military operations in Ukraine.

In this regard, the President of Syria maintained strong support for Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. Accordingly, Russian and Syrian Presidents agreed on the fact that military operation is held to protect the civilians of the Donbas region.

Besides, both leaders condemned the meddlesome policies of NATO, the European Union, and the US, to disrupt the peace of the region as well as stability.

Furthermore, the Syrian President pointed out the reasons behind the deteriorating situation of the Middle East as well. For this, he blamed the policy framework of NATO and the US.

In return, the Russian President thanked the Syrian President for his support for the initiatives and decisions of Russia in Ukraine.

On the other hand, both leaders discussed the political process in accordance with the Astana format to ensure the territorial integrity, core interest, and sovereignty of Syria.

Nevertheless, Russian and Syrian Presidents reaffirmed their cooperation in various areas, especially trade and economy. Both leaders also agreed to maintain contact for future prospects and developments.

Previously, Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, held talks with UN Special Envoy to Syria for the details of the Russia and Ukraine Crisis.

Considering the current state of affairs, Sergey Lavrov criticized the role of the UN in various conflicts of the region, particularly the Ukrainian one. He also added that the role and statements of the UN Secretary-General disappointed him.

Military Operation in Ukraine

In this context, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has said that the main objective of the Russian Federation is the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine.

For these reasons, he urged the Ukrainian army to lay down the weapons. He also said that any foreign intervention in Ukraine will witness a prompt response.

As per the address of the Russian President, the operation is initiated upon the request of the authorities of Donetsk and Lugansk to deter Kyiv’s military aggression.

Besides, Kyiv authorities have publicly denounced the Minsk Protocol. Meanwhile, President Vladimir Putin addressed the nation on February 24.

Nevertheless, Russian Federation has reiterated that it doesn’t intend to occupy the Ukraine region. It is the fundamental right of Ukrainians to decide for themselves. But, the Russian President highlighted that self-determination doesn’t mean acquiring nuclear weapons.

He further pointed out Russia wouldn’t let NATO expand further on the eastern flank. Nevertheless, the Russian side has repeatedly mentioned that NATO is having anti-Russia agenda.