New York, 19 August 2023 (TDI): In the session convened by Russia at the UNSC on August 17, the Chargé d’affaires of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Polyanskiy presented the Russian outlook on the supplies of Western weapons to Ukraine.

The Chargé d’affaires, in his briefing, brought the attention of the Security Council to the violations of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) on the part of Ukraine by quoting the usage of depleted uranium shells and cluster ammunition.

At the outset of the briefing, Polyanskiy highlighted that the entire NATO military machinery used in Ukraine’s counter-offensive strategy is achieved by spending billions of Western taxpayers’ money.

He while commenting on the supply of Western arms to Ukraine, emphasized the collapse of the Ukrainian military administration, the corruption and disorganization in the country that has even driven the Western mercenaries away.

He criticized the training and planning of operations by Ukrainian armed forces and stated that even Western mercenaries have realized that they are not here for Ukraine’s freedom but are being used as cannon fodder.

In the context of the corruptness of the Ukrainian army, Polyanskiy brought the attention of the council that due to the corrupt practices in the Ukrainian army Western weapons are not just used in Ukraine but spreading uncontrollably around the world.

The channel through which weapons transcend is a black market that ends up in conflict zones, in the Balkans, Africa, and Latin America which is compromising regional security. He called West to be responsible for all these actions. 

Furthermore, the Charge d’ Affaires accentuated that as per the polls in American mass media, ordinary US citizens wonder whether the acute socioeconomic problems in the United States itself are not worth spending the colossal money used for financing Ukraine.

He even shed light that the public in Germany and France are standing against the supply of TAURUS and SCALP cruise missiles to Ukrainian nationalists.

He called the Western authorities to be completely deaf to the appeals of their people despite calling themselves democratic.

In recalling the past, Polyanskiy said that Europe is once again paying for these new weapons not only in money but also in sovereignty.

The defense policy of the European Union, which took years of effort to build has become completely subordinate to Washington’s interests, just as it did during the Cold War.

Violation of International Humanitarian Law

In his briefing, the Charge d’ Affairs perpetually discussed the violation of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) by Ukraine and the West and under that capacity he quoted many recent activities of the West and Ukraine.

Firstly, he put forward that despite the assurance by United States authorities that their supply of cluster weapons to Ukraine will allegedly not be used in violation of the IHL is still being used.

The Kyiv regime carries out daily strikes with cluster munitions against the northern districts of Donetsk. As a result of that the assurance by the USA is a lie.

Secondly, he presented that even Laos and Cambodia, countries that had experienced first-hand the dire consequences of such munitions used by America back in the day, urged Ukraine to stop the use of cluster munitions.

In this context, he shared the news by Polish media of finding an increased level of radiation in the Western regions of Ukraine and Eastern provinces of Poland after the destruction of depleted uranium shells provided by London and Washington.

He stated of having no doubt that in this proxy war, the West is purposefully turning Ukraine into an uninhabitable testing site, contaminated with radioactive elements and unexploded ordinance.

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Thirdly, in another citation of the violation of IHL by Ukraine, Polyanskiy highlighted the deployment of domestic air defence missiles in residential neighbourhoods of Ukraine.

He cited the incident of Holy Transfiguration Cathedral in Odessa being hit, and the burning down of a supermarket there by Ukrainian missile operators.

He added that Ukrainians understand perfectly well that Russia only strikes with weapons of precision and does not pose a threat to the civilian population of Ukraine.

He expressed his viewpoint that Ukrainians are realizing being pushed down a suicidal path by their government to serve the interests of Western countries.

It can be seen as per the Ukrainian media that 60% of diplomats have not returned from Ukrainian embassies abroad since the beginning of 2022 to their country.

In summation to his briefing, the Charge d’ Affairs explicated that Western weapons deliveries do not bring peace to Ukraine but rather protect  Zelensky’s regime from drowning. It will be soon realized by the people as well as the true causes of the Ukrainian crisis.

He advocated that whether the West likes Russia’s efforts to raise this issue in the Security Council or not, the Russian Federation will continue to do so.