Riyadh, 27 September 2022 (TDI): An event was organized in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for the celebration of the 31st Independence Day of the Republic of Tajikistan. With this event, the 30th Anniversary of the XVI session of the Supreme Council (Parliament) of Tajikistan was also celebrated.

Tajikistan got independence on 9 September 1991 following the collapse of the United Sovereign States of Russia (USSR). Before gaining independence, it was the Union Republic of the Soviet Union.

The event was attended by official representatives of states, the business community, and the citizens of Tajikistan, living in Saudi Arabia.

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Statement of the Ambassador

Akram Karimi, the Ambassador of the Republic of Tajikistan to Saudi Arabia delivered an important address on the occasion. He highlighted the importance of independence and sovereignty in the life of a nation. He detailed the efforts and achievements of his country and nationals during the period of independence.

The Ambassador appreciated the long struggle and efforts of the president of the Republic of Tajikistan, ‘Emomali Rahmon’. He was given the title of the ‘Leader of the Nation’ due to his immense contributions. He is also considered the founder of peace and national unity.

30th Anniversary of Supreme Council

The Ambassador also talked about the 30th Anniversary of the Supreme Council. The 16th session of the Supreme Council was inaugurated on 16 November 1992, in the northern city of Khujand. Emomali Rahmon was elected as the chairperson, three days after its opening. This offered him the status of the leader of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Akram Karimi specified that the XVI session of the supreme council has a vast significance in the modern history of the country. He stated that it was a beginning point in the restoration of the constitutional order of the State. The implementation of democratic values was adopted in the same session.

Ambassador Karimi added that the council’s contributions to many important developments in the country cannot be overlooked. It played an overwhelming role in laying the foundation of peace and national harmony among the people of the Republic of Tajikistan.