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Putin unveils innovative concept at Future Games Kazan 2024


Kazan, 22 February 2024 (TDI): Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a speech at the opening ceremony for Games of the Future international tournament. The event was held on February 21 in Kazan in the central Russian republic of Tatarstan.

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the participants of this mass participation event. Vladimir Putin expressed optimism for the Future Games, emphasizing that the event would be a beacon of sportsmanship and unity.

“It is free from politics, discrimination, and double standards. I am positive that the true spirit of sports will be on display at the Games venues”, he said. 

“An international tournament built around the phygital concept is a unique story for the modern history of world sports. And this story is beginning right here, right now, in Russia,” he added.

The phygital fusion of classical and esports

Vladimir Putin unveiled a groundbreaking initiative aimed at revolutionizing the sports world by combining classical sports with esports. “Naturally, the idea to combine classical and esports was born in Russia,” he said.

During the event, Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized that the competition seamlessly integrates traditional values with contemporary elements. He highlighted the blend of physical prowess and intellectual acumen and the convergence of sports and technology.

Before the opening ceremony for Games of the Future international tournament

Putin stressed the need to embrace diverse elements for overall personal development and success in today’s dynamic, multipolar world.

“A person needs all of it for all-round development and success in our age of rapid changes in the versatile multipolar free and competitive world that is taking shape today before our eyes,” the Russian head of state noted.

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While addressing the event, Vladimir Putin said that Russia “remains one of the leading sports powerhouses on the planet.” He said that the country has been home to great athletes, victories, and records. 

Lastly, Vladimir Putin emphasized that Russia has always been in favor of promoting sports in its true spirit. “We have always been in favor of promoting sport and its high humanistic values. “The Future Games are our gift to the global sports family,” he said.

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Natasha Matloob
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