Dubai, 2 January 2022 (TDI): The Prime Minister of Yemen visited the country’s pavilion at Dubai Expo. In this line, through his participation at Expo 2020, he remarked on Yemen’s pavilion importance to the world.

For that reason, Yemen’s Prime Minister mentioned how the country is becoming a promising investment place due to its many assets. He also pointed to Yemen’s main development sectors such as finance, banking, tourism, and mineral extraction.

Relevance of Yemen participation at Dubai Expo

In addition, Maeen Abdulmalek emphasized Yemen’s involvement in Dubai 2020. He said that the country’s commitment shows the seriousness of its projection to the world.

Our participation proves Yemen’s determination to overcome all obstacles in this field,” he added.

In other words, the Prime Minister again announced the enthusiasm of the Yemeni government to update the laws or provide the necessary messages to ensure their openness to join associations.

That is why he clearly expressed, “Yemen’s government is determined to restore the development path, activate state institutions, and rebuild Yemen according to new contemporary visions.” All of this is the basis of science and technology.

Summary of Prime Minister’s statements during the Event

On the other hand, Maeen Abdulmalek greatly thanked the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for allowing Yemen to show its true image. He said that despite the challenges, the pavilion reflects the history of the country’s civilization.

Prime Minister visits Yemen pavilion at Dubai 2020
Prime Minister visits Yemen pavilion at Dubai 2020 to celebrate ancient Yemeni civilizations.

In this sense, the slogan “Descendants of Saba” confirms the Prime Minister’s remarks. This is because the phrase seeks to highlight to the public the ancient and enlightening history of Yemen. 

Additional Details 

On the other side, according to Prime Minister, the idea of ​​celebrating Yemen National Day at the Dubai Expo includes the symbolism of fraternity and hope. It represents the upcoming opportunities for Yemen to achieve peace and build up a stronger state.

To this, Maeen Abdulmalek congratulated the Emirates on the honorable organization of the event. The Dubai Expo 2020 underpins the idea of ​​impressive success in a massive event. Therefore, Prime Minister pointed out the Emirates’ achievement as an extension of his leadership in the region with its counterparts.

Prime Minister impressed about massive Dubai event
Prime Minister congratulated the Emirates for hosting such an incredible global event.

“The model presented by Dubai became a source of inspiration for countries and peoples of the region and the world,” he said. Likewise, Maeen Abdulmalek praised the historical ties of both states. It showcases the efforts of the Emirates to support the legitimacy of the government.

In addition, as part of his participation in Dubai 2020, the Prime Minister visited the Monument to the Martyrs of the United Arab Emirates. In it, he wrote messages of pride for the people who sacrificed their lives in response to Arabism.

“They will remain immortal in the memory of Yemenis, generation after generation”, he said.