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President of Somalia delivered speech at 76th session of UNGA


New York, 22 September 2021 (TDI):  Speaking at the 76th session of the  United Nations General Assembly, the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohammad Abdullahi Farmaajo argued that the global pandemic of health exposed the unequal world in which we live today.

President of Somalia stated that the key to lasting recovery from this catastrophic pandemic is human safety. As in everyone else in the world, the Somali economy was severely affected by the COVID 19 pandemic but not prevented us from continuing effectively in our domestic economic reform process. Innovative and sustainable human center policies and strategies in partnership across continents must be the cornerstone of recovery.

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Furthermore, the economic reforms of Somalia depend on its natural resources, including one of the longest coastlines and vast stretches of arable land in the world.

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And that the country still has the painful results of global warming, President said.

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Somalia strongly believes that the UN can be revitalized by reforming its governance structures, which reflect the rapidly changing world we live in, President added.

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