President Dr. Arif Alvi inaugurated the National Cyber Security Academy during 2nd International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security.

Islamabad, 24 November 2021 (TDI): Visiting the 2nd International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security on its first day, President Dr. Arif Alvi inaugurated the National Cyber Security Academy. The two-day conference is being hosted at the Air University, Islamabad.

President Alvi addressed the opening session of the event and shed light on the importance of cyber security and challenges in its way. He laid focus on how necessary it is for Pakistan to build its capabilities against the rising global threat of cyber-attacks which pose danger to important data and systems.

The President iterated that preparing local professionals and creating solutions at home is crucial to fight risks of a cyber-attack on important assets like those of energy, defense, and financial infrastructures. To raise awareness he highlighted, it’s a dire need to raise professionals capable to handle the forthcoming challenge.

He further added that attaining a strong cyber-security apparatus will help ensure strengthened defensive and offensive strategies in the wake of ever-rising technological growth and advancement. He was positive that a national vision of a secure and robust digital ecosystem would also help bear fruit for a flourishing and development-friendly society and economy.

He said that in the wake of a world, which would be run on quantum computers it would become increasingly difficult for any country to secure and protect its data unless and until a strong indigenous production of hardware and software is established.

President Alvi reflected on the fact that how cyber security threat has risen concerns in multiple developed and developing countries amidst the rise of attacks on government websites and online systems by hackings.

He brought to attention the fact that if a strong cyber security system is not built it can be a matter of grave danger for the nation’s infrastructure and economic standing.

The President lauded the efforts of the Pakistan Airforce which were put in raising the Cyber Security Academy at the Air University. He further and expressed his satisfaction that under the guidance of the Air Force and the Higher Education Commission the newly built academy would serve as an institution empowering a sustainable cyber security apparatus.