Tehran, 15 July 2023(TDI): Pakistan’s Army Chief, General Syed Asim Munir, is on an official 2-day visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran. This visit started on July 14 and aims to strengthen defense and security ties between both states.

During the visit, he will be meeting high-ranking Iranian military officials and key figures of the civilian Government to discuss various issues of mutual interest, including regional security challenges and potential areas of cooperation.

General Munir’s visit comes at a crucial time when both Pakistan and Iran are facing common threats and challenges in the region, making it imperative for them to enhance their defense collaboration for the benefit of both nations.

Recent attacks on security personnel in Zohb and Zahidan underscore the urgent need for enhanced cooperation in counterterrorism measures.

Both countries must collaborate closely to share intelligence, strengthen border security, and disrupt the networks that facilitate these attacks.

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This visit also highlights the growing importance of bilateral relations between Pakistan and Iran, particularly in the realm of security and defense.

It also underscores the commitment of both countries to address shared concerns and explore opportunities for joint efforts in maintaining regional stability.

Pakistan and Iran both suffer from serious terrorism threats, especially after the evacuation of NATO forces from Afghanistan, and terrorists are using modern weapons that they left behind.

Moreoever, These mutual concerns have necessitated closer cooperation not only between Pakistan and Iran but also among other countries in the region to combat terrorism and ensure the security of their borders.

This visit, which comes right after the credential submission of the new Ambassador of Iran to the President of Pakistan, depicts the growing diplomacy between both states, which is positive for the stability and peace of the region.

Furthermore, it highlights that both countries recognize the importance of enhancing their defense capabilities to effectively respond to any potential security challenges in the region.