Islamabad, 13 July 2023 (TDI): Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Pakistan issued a statement to condemn the recent terrorist attack on Pakistan’s security forces in Zohb.

The statement was shared on July 12, expressing Iran’s solidarity with Pakistan in the fight against terrorism and condolences to the People of Pakistan.

The tweet included prayers for the martyrs and the speedy recovery of the injured during the attack.

This tweet can be seen as a testament to the strong bilateral relations between Iran and Pakistan and Iran’s commitment to regional stability and countering terrorism.

Tehreek- e- Jihad Pakistan (TJP), a vaguely split militant group of Tehreek-e- Taliban Pakistan, claimed responsibility for the attack.

Five security personnel were martyred during the attack, and a few others were injured. On the other hand, all five militants involved were killed on the spot.

Pakistan has fought the longest war against terrorism and has made significant sacrifices in terms of both human lives and economic resources.

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Despite these efforts, militant groups like Tehreek-e-Jihad Pakistan continue to pose a threat to regional stability and security.

The attack serves as a reminder of Pakistan’s ongoing challenges in countering terrorism and the need for continued international support in addressing this issue.

Pakistan and Iran share a border of approximately 909 kilometers and have been named the “Border of Peace, Friendship, and Love” by the leadership of both countries.

Both nations also share strong people-to-people ties due to shared religious, cultural, and ideological values.

Terrorism is a common threat faced by both Pakistan and Iran. It poses a risk to the security of their borders and undermines the stability of the entire region.

Pakistan and Iran are cooperating both at the bilateral and multilateral levels. These cooperation are ongoing, and recently, Chief of Army Staff Major General Asim is on his high-level visit to Tehran currently.