Vancouver, 14 July 2023(TDI): Pakistan’s Consul General in Vancouver, Janbaz Khan, met with the Canadian Senator, Salma Attaullh Jan to discuss bilateral ties. Both officials had a meeting on July 13 at Pakistan’s Consulate General in Vancouver.

She is of Pakistani origin and is currently the Chair of the Senate Committee for Human Rights in Canada.

The meeting was aimed at discussing Pakistan and Canada’s relations and exploring potential areas of collaboration in various fields.

They also exchanged views on the current challenges and opportunities for enhancing bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

Consul General Khan emphasized the need for the betterment of the Pakistani diaspora in Canada and highlighted the importance of addressing their concerns and issues.

Senator Salma is an example of the successful integration of the Pakistani diaspora in Canada.

She shared her experiences and achievements as a Pakistani-Canadian and encouraged further engagement and participation of the community in various sectors such as politics, business, and academia.

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This discussion would play an important role in fostering a stronger sense of belonging and empowerment among the Pakistani diaspora in Canada.

It also served as a platform for identifying and addressing any barriers or challenges they may face.

Canada- Pakistan Relations

Pakistan and Canada share strong bilateral relations that started in 1947, right after Pakistan’s independence.

These relations have led to a significant number of Pakistanis immigrating to Canada over the years, contributing to its multicultural fabric.

Canada is a country with diverse cultures and communities, and the Pakistani diaspora is a valuable part of this rich tapestry.

Both countries crossed the milestone of $1.1 billion in trade volume in 2020, underscoring the economic partnership between Pakistan and Canada.

However, despite the positive aspects of this relationship, there are still certain obstacles that both countries need to address, such as visa restrictions that can hinder the movement of people and goods between the two nations.