Washington D.C., 14 December 2021 (TDI): Yesterday, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States of America (US) Asad Majeed Khan congratulated Arif Hyder Ali, for being voted as ‘The Most Innovative Legal Practitioner in North America’.

On 9 December, an award event was organized by the Financial Times to acknowledge the Innovative and Influential Lawyers and Law Firms in North America. For this event nominations were made by the Financial Times and for the most valuable and prestigious awards.

The Pakistani Ambassador to the United States of America, called it to be an inspiring moment for Pakistani American Community. The Pakistani Community in America is making groundbreaking efforts to support the Pakistani Community in the USA as well as in Pakistan.

The Pakistani American Community is playing a vital role in nearly all aspects whether it is a social cause or a noble one. They are becoming leaders of the world, and a helping hand for the vulnerable people.

About Arif Hyder Ali

Arif Hyder Ali who is the co-chair at Dechert LLP was nominated for the award of ‘The Most Innovative Legal Practitioner in North America’. Arif Hyder Ali is a member of the Pakistani American Community. Being nominated for this award is such an honorable moment for the Pakistani American Community and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Arif Hyder Ali is the co-chair at Dechert’s International Arbitration Group. Arif has won a lot of Arbitrations over the years and especially in the year 2021. The Financial Times regarded his win over the International Arbitration with a non-profitable organization, ICANN.

This year Arif Hyder was successful enough to promote the idea of the implementation of International Law on Internet governance as well. He made brilliant efforts in his field of work and brought recognition to his country as well. Such inspiring personalities must be acknowledged as they will set examples for the current and future generations.

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