Doha, 14 December 2021 (TDI): Ambassador of Argentina in Qatar Marcelo F. Gilardoni, is looking forward to developing relations. As well, the increase in partnerships between Argentina and Qatar.  

The sectors in which, Argentina seeks to work with Qatar are agriculture, machinery, tourism, and construction. The focus on the collaboration is put primarily on economic as well as food security programs.

For the proper functioning of internal relations and above all for economic development, strengthening of authority, and their international influence the two nations proposed conducting this meeting. 

According to the officials, Argentina and Qatar want to reduce obstacles and improve their collaboration. As a matter of fact, both parties fixed 2022 to create a commission, that will help create a joint and concrete vision for their collaboration.

Prospective Vision: Why do Argentina and Qatar have to cooperate? 

The diplomatic relationship, which has successfully taken off, was formalized in 2013 with the opening of two embassies in the respective countries. For instance, Argentina has its embassy in Doha and Qatar in Buenos Aires. Since the relationship is still growing, both parties must establish their goal.

As it happens, it should be noted that Qatar is one of the most promising countries economically, with an unemployment rate close to zero, growth still around 3%, and a very high GDP /occupant. It remains a very attractive country when it comes to investors. 

The dynamism of the Argentines is also important.  It is the third economic power of Latin America and its immense territory. Thanks to its immensity, the territory is available for breeding and agriculture to continue to be an important agro-agricultural advantage. 

Regarding the multilateral sphere, both states interact through international organization. Indeed, both are members of the United Nations (UN), the World Bank, the International Monetary fund (IMF), the World Trade organization, and more.  

The Ambassadors agreed that cooperation between Argentina and Qatar will be beneficial since both sides have advantages resulting in common benefits.

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