New York, 19 May 2022 (TDI): Pakistani Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto held a meeting with Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio. The meeting occurred on the sidelines of the Ministerial meeting on “Global Food Security Call to Action” in New York.

The Foreign Ministers discussed bilateral issues along with regional and international developments. During the meeting, Bilawal Bhutto expressed that Pakistan strongly values its bilateral ties with Italy.

He further said that Pakistan is committed to expanding and deepening mutually beneficial ties. Moreover, he highlighted the significance of high-level interactions and parliamentary exchanges to promote understanding and goodwill between the two countries.

Furthermore, they agreed on the need to enhance commercial and economic cooperation by promoting trade and investment.

In addition, they noted that the two sides maintain close cooperation on several multilateral issues, including the reform of the UN Security Council. Likewise, Bilawal Bhutto reiterated Pakistan’s desire to continue collaborating with Italy in all fields of mutual interest.

Meanwhile, the two officials also discussed international issues. These include the food and energy security crises. The Pakistani Foreign Minister expressed Pakistan’s perspective.

He called for effective international action to address the situation that was being aggravated by geopolitical tensions to the detriment of developing countries including Pakistan. Finally, the Foreign Ministers invited each other to visit their respective countries.

Pakistan-Italy Relations

Pakistan and Italy enjoy cooperative and friendly relations. Moreover, Italy supports free trade with Pakistan in the framework of the EU.

The countries also collaborate in multi-lateral forums, especially the United Nations. Both countries are part of the ‘United for Consensus’ bloc within the UN that opposes the expansion of permanent UNSC members.

Furthermore, both counties have established cooperation in the fields of science, health, sports, politics, and trade. Pakistan exports footballs and medical products to Italy, while Italy sends investment and luxury goods to Pakistan.

There is also an active Pakistani diaspora in Italy, composed of businessmen, students, and professional workers.

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