Washington D.C., 10 November 2021, (TDI): Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, Dr. Asad Majeed Khan, announced November 9, 2021, to be celebrated as ‘Pakistani Food Day’ in the District of Columbia (DC). The idea was proclaimed yesterday by the Mayor of Washington DC, Muriel Bowser.    

Pakistan’s Embassy in Washington collaborated with the District’s Public Schools’ Global Education Team, and the Food and Nutrition Services to promote delicious Pakistani Cuisine, particularly “Aloo Channa” across the public schools in DC.

The innovative maneuver served as a profound example of cultural diplomacy between Pakistan and the United States. It involved middle schools in the District of Columbia to host activities associated with Pakistani cuisine. Ambassador Khan heartily participated in the initiative as well.

Mayor Bowser encouraged the school children to participate in supplemental activities based on the inputs from Pakistan’s US Embassy. She stated that November 9 is officially the International Day of Food for the school year 2021-2022, which eventually provided an opportunity for converting it into ‘Pakistani Food Day’.

The project aimed to help children explore several Pakistan-inspired food items. It served as a unique step in creating an environment where people from different cultures and social backgrounds came together to treasure Pakistani food. 

Cultural diplomacy enhances the bilateral relationship between the two states and brings the communities together. Such events are truly a positive step for Pakistan and the US to further strengthen their partnership.