Islamabad, 30 September 2022 (TDI): The US embassy in Pakistan hosted a ceremonial reception to celebrate the 75 years of bilateral relations between Pakistan and the US.

The event was organized by the US Ambassador to Pakistan, David Blome along with his team. The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shehbaz Sharif also attended the event.

The event highlighted the strong relations between both countries. It offered a valuable opportunity to reflect on the depth of the long-standing relations between both countries.

Remarks by US Ambassador:

The US Ambassador started his address by thanking all participants including the Prime Minister for attending the event.

The Ambassador highlighted that the event gave an opportunity to reflect on the mutual accomplishments between both states and its way forward.

He highlighted that Pakistan has suffered enormously from the scourge of terrorism. Moreover, the growing problems of climate change, health challenges, energy scarcity, and food security are also affecting the country.

However, the Ambassador said that the world is changing and needs more adaptability, innovation, and partnership. Therefore, Pakistan and the US should also shape their future prospects based on shared objectives and mutual ambitions.

On the occasion, Ambassador Blome said that Pakistan and the US have enjoyed 75 years of positive bilateral ties. He said that the US has supported Pakistan in the construction of schools and hospitals, highways throughout the country.  Moreover, the US is home to so many Pakistanis living abroad.

He also highlighted trade, economic, political, and social cooperation enjoyed bilaterally. Moreover, the US has always stood by Pakistan’s side during critical times.

Furthermore, he noted that over the past twenty years, the US had provided more than $32 billion in direct support to the people of Pakistan. Through USAID it provided $77 million worth of vaccine doses to the country.

However, he said that the U.S. relationship with Pakistan deserves to stand on its own. He said that the strong foundations of mutual relationships have prepared Pak-US to jointly address global challenges.

Correspondingly, he highlighted strengthening partnerships for the environment, freedom, democracy, and trade.

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The Ambassador concluded his remarks with the hope that as two of the five largest countries in the world, Pak-US would continue working together in the future.