Lagos, 21 December 2021 (TDI): Pakistan Navy Ship Alamgir (PNS) journeyed to Lagos, Nigeria. The visiting Ship was welcomed by Pakistan’s Defence Attaché in Nigeria. Naval officials of Nigeria also received the arriving Pakistani delegation at the port.

PNS Alamgir’s Engagements

PNS Alamgir’s delegation engaged in a range of bilateral activities. Firstly, the arriving Ship set a medical camp at Lagos. All COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures were followed. The Pakistan Navy provided treatment for over 2500 Nigerian patients.

Secondly, the Naval Commanders of both sides interacted. The Pakistani Mission Commander along with the Commanding Officer (CO) met the Western Naval Commander of the host Navy. This interaction took place on the Port Visit of the Ship. Both sides held bilateral talks and discussed matters of mutual concern. Pakistan’s Naval Commander extended good wishes for the people of Nigeria. This he did on behalf of Pakistan’s Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi.

Lastly, a joint military exercise was also held. The exercise engaged both the Nigerian and Pakistan Navy’s aiming to improve their interoperability.

Other Recent Engagements

The recent engagement follows a string of other engagements of the Pakistan Navy across the seaways and at African ports. The interactions are largely based upon engagements as goodwill gestures. Aiming to improve naval collaborations, strengthening humanitarian ties and bilateral ties.

Last week PNS Alamgir itself visited Tema, Ghana, and established a free Medical Camp. This visit also included a bilateral passage exercise with the Ghana Navy Ship.

Also, the Pakistan Naval Special Services Group (SSG) participated in a bilateral Special Operations Forces (SOF) exercise with Turkish Su Altı Taarruz (SAT). The event took place in Istanbul. The excercise was termed ‘AYYILDIZ-2021’. It aimed to improve bilateral naval cooperation between both armies.

The Pakistan Navy Ship Tughril on the other hand visited Colombo, Sri Lanka on the 18th December. It engaged in Naval exercise with the Sri Lankan Naval force. The bilateral exercise was termed Lion Star.