Moscow, 21 December 2021 (TDI): President of Russia Vladimir Putin congratulated the current officers and veterans of Russia’s security agencies on Security Agency Worker’s Day, on the 20th of December 2021.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin expressed his warmest wishes to the security agencies’ veterans. He encouraged them to stand strong to overcome during peace and wartime.

President Putin said, “You have always displayed professionalism and commitment in performing the tasks before you. With unprecedented courage and determination, you have proved that there is nothing more valuable than faithful service to the Motherland and your people”.

He mentioned that Russia made several significant successes in the last few years and sustained a positive dynamic.

“We are witnessing a very difficult international situation today, the nature and the scale of today’s challenges and risks impose high demands on security agencies officers in, first and foremost, resolving our primary, top-priority objective, which is waging a fierce and uncompromising battle against terrorism”.

While stating the success of reducing terrorism, President Putin mentioned the prevention of 200 terrorist attacks. As well, President Putin prioritized the objectives of offensive tactics in counterintelligence, counter corruption, and state borders securing.

“Our citizens expect new successes from you in fighting extremism, which poses a direct threat to Russia’s unity. Any demonstration of xenophobia, social or religious animosity must be dealt with harshly, and we must not all allow people, especially young people to be drawn into illegal anti-state activities”, he added.

He also regarded the Foreign Intelligence Service for playing their vital role in ensuring comprehensive security is growing. He also appreciated the professionalism shown by the Federal Guard Service and the Chief Directorate for Special Programmes.

The Security Agency Worker’s Day

The Security Agency worker’s day is a professional holiday. Russians have celebrated it for almost the last 25 years. Since then, Russians have considered this day a symbol of respect and gratitude for those who protected and prioritized the security of Russian citizens, society, and the state sovereignty and constitutional stability of Russia.