Khartoum, 17 April 2023 (TDI): The Pakistan Foreign Office issued a statement confirming that the Pakistan Embassy in Sudan is closely observing the security situation in Khartoum following the violent battle on 15 April morning between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces.

The Foreign Office has further states that Pakistan’s embassy in Sudan affirms its dedication to the protection and well-being of its diaspora. Pakistani diplomats stationed in Sudan are devoted to assisting residents in addressing their current crisis. They are monitoring the situation to ensure the security of all Pakistani people in living in Khartoum.

In light of this circumstance, the embassy has taken immediate steps to safeguard the safety of the Pakistani residents residing in Khartoum. It also noted that the it has regularly interacted with the Pakistani community.

The Pakistani mission instructs them to take all essential precautions to protect their safety and security. Furthermore, the embassy is prepared to help and support any Pakistani person who needs it.

The embassy requests Pakistani nationals staying in Khartoum to maintain vigilance and adopt all essential safety and security measures. They should avoid excessive travel and monumental gatherings. They must remain informed about the situation through credible sources.

Pakistan urges Sudan to safeguard the safety and security of all inhabitants, including foreign citizens. It demands all parties display political restraint and takes quick action to end the fighting.

The country also advises the Sudanese government’s efforts to maintain peace and order in the region. It encourages the groups to settle their differences through negotiations to end the bloodshed and restore calm and resilience to the nation.

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Sudan Political Crisis 

Since a coup in October 2021, Sudan has seen a turbulent crisis due to a power struggle between the national army and a notorious paramilitary group.

More than 50 civilians have sadly died as a result of the uprising. It is continuing to trigger widespread regional unrest. The situation in Sudan urgently requires attention and resolution to prevent further loss of life and preserve a peaceful future for the residents of Sudan.