Dushanbe, 14 June 2023 (TDI): Muhammad Saeed Sarwar, Ambassador of Pakistan to Tajikistan, met with the Deputy Chairman of Majlisi Namoyandagon (National Assembly) of Majlisi Oli, His Excellency Vatanzoda Mahmadali.

The two delegates discussed various bilateral issues to strengthen Pakistan-Tajikistan parliamentary cooperation.

During the discussion, Diplomat Sarwar and Deputy Chairman Mahmadali stressed the need for substantial parliamentary links to build mutual understanding, promote regional stability, and deepen bilateral relations.

They discovered common ground in shared perspectives and interests and committed to working more closely on mutual interests and significant issues.

The discussions focused on exploring avenues for greater parliamentary engagement, including the exchange of visits, parliamentary delegations, and knowledge-sharing programs.

Both countries’ representatives acknowledged the importance of fostering regular interaction between parliamentarians, providing a platform for exchanging opinions, experiences, and best practices in legislative processes and governance.

Envoy Sarwar underlined Pakistan’s appreciation for Tajikistan’s steadfast support in various international forums and its consistent efforts to promote peace and stability in the region. He emphasized that closer parliamentary cooperation would further intensify the existing bonds of friendship and collaboration between the two nations.

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Deputy Chairman Mahmadali admired Pakistan’s remarkable progress. He affirmed Tajikistan’s commitment to deepening bilateral ties. He acknowledged the potential for increased economic cooperation, trade, and investment and emphasized the need to leverage parliamentary mechanisms to facilitate and enhance such collaboration.

Both officials agreed to work towards establishing formal parliamentary exchanges, including reciprocal visits by parliamentary delegations, organizing joint seminars, and facilitating interactions between parliamentary committees.

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These initiatives would foster a deeper understanding of each other’s legislative processes, strengthen ties between lawmakers, and contribute to the overall bilateral relationship.

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Ambassador Sarwar and Deputy Chairman Mahmadali concluded the meeting by pledging to transform their proposals into tangible steps.

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They expressed optimism that their joint efforts would contribute to the prosperity and well-being of the people of both countries.