Berne, 14 June 2023 (TDI): A highly productive meeting took place between the chairman of the management board of Swiss Textile, Peter Fluckiger, and representatives from the Pakistan textile industry. This meeting was held at the headquarters of Swiss Textiles in Zurich.

During the meeting, Fluckiger and Ambassador of Pakistan engaged in a fruitful discussion on how to further improve collaboration and cooperation between them. They especially explored ways to enhance the trade of textile products between our countries.

The participants of the meeting looked into methods to optimize the interchange of experience, technology, and resources through these brief and effective dialogues. They hope to promote innovation and boost overall competition in the global textile market by utilizing the assets of both countries.

The discussion highlighted the importance of strong partnerships in solving the challenges faced by the textile industry. By exchanging ideas and information, both countries can collaborate, overcome obstacles, and grab new opportunities.

The participants showed their desire to foster an atmosphere that promotes growth and sustainability in the textile industry.

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He declared that Switzerland’s position as a leading export destination for our textiles emphasizes the importance of stronger bilateral ties.

He expressed confidence that, in the future, through collaborative efforts, trade relations and mutual benefits can improve.

This meeting marks a milestone in the ongoing collaboration between our nation’s textile industry, and furthermore, both parties left the meeting feeling encouraged by the possibilities of more collaboration.

The outcomes of the meeting will pave the way for future collaboration and help unlock new ways for growth and prosperity.