Almaty, 12 June 2023 (TDI): Nauman Bashir Bhatti, Ambassador of Pakistan to Kazakhstan, visited Al-Farabi University in Almaty to meet with Em Natalya Borisovna, Dean of the Oriental Studies Faculty. The visit aspired to strengthen links between Pakistan and Kazakhstan, notably in cultural and educational exchange.

The splendid “Jinnah Hall” at Al-Farabi University, a tribute to Kazakhstan- Pakistan Friendship, was open for Ambassador Bhatti to explore during his visit. He enjoyed meeting Urdu language academics and students. This interaction provided a forum for discussion about promoting Pakistani culture and heritage within the university’s academic curriculum.

Envoy Bhatti pledged the full support of the Pakistan Embassy in Kazakhstan for Al-Farabi University’s promotion of Pakistani heritage and culture, expressing his enthusiasm for fostering interpersonal relationships between the two nations.

He emphasized the need to cultivate mutual understanding and respect, recognizing the value of cultural diplomacy in building bridges between countries.

Em Natalya Borisovna, Dean of the Oriental Studies Faculty, expressed her gratitude to Diplomat Bhatti for his visit and dedication to developing the cross-cultural exchange.

She underlined the significance of Pakistan’s rich cultural legacy to the academic atmosphere at Al-Farabi University. Dean Natalya Borisovna also stated her willingness to look into new avenues of collaboration, including student exchange programs and collaborative research projects.

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This visit highlights the shared goal to strengthen cultural links and advance cross-cultural understanding. It also represents a crucial moment in Pakistan and Kazakhstan’s bilateral relations. Diplomat Bhatti hopes to create a climate of cross-border cultural interaction that encourages communication and cooperation through this diplomatic engagement.

Ambassador Nauman Bashir Bhatti’s visit to Al-Farabi University illustrates Pakistan’s commitment to cultural diplomacy, acknowledging the value of advancing the cultural legacy as a catalyst for mutual progress and alliance. This visit leads to future initiatives to deepen the two nations’ affinity and offer significant interactions between students, academics, and researchers.