Islamabad, 10 June 2023 (TDI): During a recent phone discussion with Kazakhstan’s President, Pakistan’s Prime Minister highlighted the importance of Pakistan’s relationship with Kazakhstan.

This gesture shows the significance of both countries’ place on bilateral ties and represents a determination to improve and expand cooperation in a variety of areas.

While emphasizing the importance of Pakistan’s bilateral relations with Kazakhstan, the Prime Minister expressed happiness that flight operations between the two countries will begin shortly, underlining the importance of growing tourism and improving people-to-people interactions.

Over the years, Pakistan and Kazakhstan have created strong commercial relations. Both countries recognize the value of trade and investment to their respective economies.

They have worked together in a variety of fields, including energy, agriculture, transportation, and infrastructure development.

These partnerships and corporate relationships have not only encouraged economic growth in both countries, but also created job possibilities.

Pakistan and Kazakhstan have worked together on defense and security issues. They have performed military exercises, exchanged intelligence, and worked together to combat terrorism.

This collaboration is critical for regional stability and tackling common challenges. Both leaders emphasized their commitment to continue working together to promote regional peace and security.

The way in which Pakistan focuses on its relationship with Kazakhstan is also motivated by a shared goal for regional connectivity and collaboration. Both countries are involved in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) initiatives.

These programs seek to improve regional trade, connectivity, and economic integration. Pakistan and Kazakhstan may benefit from these arrangements and improve regional stability by working together.

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They also talked about the Cultural and educational interactions that have contributed greatly to the formation of relations between Pakistan and Kazakhstan.

People-to-people contact has been promoted by student exchange programs, scholarships, and cultural events, developing greater knowledge and admiration of each other’s cultures.

These activities have aided in the formation of long-lasting friendships and the advancement of cultural diplomacy.

The President of Kazakhstan highlighted Kazakhstan’s intention to improve their long-standing bilateral ties with Pakistan, describing it as an important country in the area.

The Prime Minister also invited Kazakhstan’s President to visit Pakistan at his most convenient time.

Both countries understand the necessity of fostering and strengthening their relationship for mutual benefit and to contribute to regional peace and prosperity.