Buenos Aires, 20 December 2021 (TDI): Pakistan Embassy with the Argentine Council of International Relations (CARIconsejo) joined their force to commemorate poet and philosopher, Muhammad Iqbal.

The commemoration happened through the inauguration of the book Muhammad Iqbal, Philosopher, and Poet of the East. During the session, different authorities and the author addressed speeches.

For instance, the President of the CARIconsejo Jose Octavio Borbon, Ambassador Muhammad Khalid Ejaz of Pakistan in Argentina, President Cira Islam, and finally the author of the book Ricardo Elia, all of them gave their speeches at the occasion.

Who is Muhammad Iqbal?

Muhammad Iqbal was a Muslim poet, philosopher, and politician born on November 9, 1877, in Punjab, when Pakistan was part of India.

He studied philosophy, English literature, and Arabic at the Government College University.

Additionally, he obtained a bachelor’s degree from Trinity College. A year later, Iqbal is certified as a barrister at Lincoln’s Inn and joins the executive committee of the British faction of the Muslim League.

During his life, Iqbal wrote about many topics. For instance, the knowledge of the Economy, the Song of India, the development of Metaphysics in Persia, the secret of the self, and many more are subjects touched by Iqbal.

Pakistan and Argentina relationship

This event can be understood as an educational and cultural exchange because diplomatic relations are not the only way countries can interact and improve their relationship.

Pakistan and Argentina cooperate in diplomatic visits, international fora, education, parliamentary exchanges, trade, investment, science and technology, and more.

Islamic Center of the Republic of Argentina (ICR)

The Islamic Center of the Republic of Argentina is a nonlucrative civil association of religious, cultural, educational, and social nature that works in the territory of Argentina.

It is an organization that aim is to represent all Muslims of Argentina.

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The ICR plays the role of spokesperson before the national government, and it is the highest Muslim religious entity in the country. For instance, the (ICR) is in charge of political, diplomatic, and religious relations in the country and can represent the Argentinian Muslim community abroad.


The Argentine Council for International Relations CARIconsejo was created in 1978 and is a nonprofit institution. The institution’s role is to promulgate Argentines’ perspective on international issues.

CARIconsejo covers many topics such as democracy, human rights, culture, and society in which this event is about, and many more.