Cairo, 20 December 2021 (TDI): The Embassy of Mexico in Egypt, in Cairo organized an event. The event occurred on the 19 of December where both parties exchanged views on their future collaboration.

The meeting included the deliberation upon the program to promote trade, business, and investment between both countries. Companies such as Polimeroa Mexicanos, Air Cairo, and Cheiron participated. The Ambassador of Mexico, Jose Octavio Tripp, attended the meeting as well.

Mexico’s objective is to promote all business opportunities, investment, and commercial links to increase Mexican exports and the involvement of Mexican companies in Egypt.

According to the Ministry of Economy of Mexico, Egypt was the fourth largest trading partner of the country, in Africa and third in the Middle East. The total trade was 130 million dollars. So this event will help to increase the cooperation and will be beneficial for both parties.
Mexico and Egypt Relationship

Mexico and Egypt established diplomatic relations in 1958. Their relationship is based on collaboration in different areas such as economy, development, and global agenda. In 1960, both opened their embassies in their respective capitals. Mexico has its embassy in Cairo and Egypt in Mexico city.

Egypt is a crucial player for Mexico because of its location and weight in international and regional matters. In fact, its strategic position in Africa and the Middle East gives it validity on both sides of the world.

Moreover, historical reasons, its population and influence in the Middle East, Africa, and the maritime passage of the Suez Canal, Egypt is relevant to Mexico.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, their relations slowed down. However, owing to the spirit of innovation and the ongoing agenda of Mexico-Egypt, the collaboration is still continuing.

The Ambassador of Mexico, Jose Octavio Tripp, stated that the two countries did not just survive the pandemic. They have been able to enrich the situation and the channels of cooperation.

For instance, there has been the emergence of online academic workshops and literature dialogues between Mexican and Latin American writers with the participation of different Egyptian Audiences.

Both countries are members of common international organizations. For instance, the two cooperate in the United Nations(UN), the group of 24, the group of 8, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).