Islamabad, 7 February 2022 (TDI): Sardar Masood Khan will assume the position of Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States subsequent to the approval of the Biden administration.

The news was shared by the Spokesperson of Foreign Office, Asim Iftikhar, on Saturday. Presently, Asad Majeed is the Ambassador of Pakistan to the US.

Ambassador Masood Khan is an experienced diplomat having served Pakistan with distinction and honor. He will soon assume his responsibilities in Washington according to a satement by the Pakistani Embassy in Washington.

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The US government approved and returned the agrément to the Emassy about the assignation of Ambassador Masood Khan. Agrément, is an agreement between two countries to accept as well as facilitate members of a diplomatic mission.

Pakistani Embassy in US had submitted Masood Khan’s agrément to the US State Department in November last year. Customarily, the host government takes two to three months for approving the agrément.

Likewise at the end of October last year, the US appointed Donald Blome as its new diplomatic representative to Pakistan. His agrément has already been issued by the government of Pakistan and he is expected to assume charge by the end of March, this year.

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However, India launched a disinformation campaign against the assignation of Ambassador Masood Khan soon after it was first disclosed late last year. Nevertheless, the Indian machinations proved to be unsuccessful.

Ambassador Sardar Masood Khan joined the Foreign Service in 1980. He is a highly accomplished diplomat having 40 years of experience in multilateral as well as bilateral diplomacy.

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Previously, he has served as the Ambassador of Pakistan to the United Nations (UN) as well as the International Organisations in Geneva, to China, and to the United Nations in New York, before his retirement.

Aside from that, Ambassador Masood Khan has also had the honor to serve as the President of Azad Kashmir.