Yangon, 25 November 2021 (TDI): Myanmar will resume international tourism early next year. The news was shared by the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism of Myanmar. The first phase of resuming tourism will welcome tourists from the regional countries.

The Ministry of Tourism is making preparation in this regard, like travel bubbles, travel corridor schemes, and re-opening plans. The Ministry has also launched a health and safety protocol for tourism-related enterprises to provide services to international tourists. The country has many tourist attractions including Buddhist temples.

Furthermore, it also started the Covid-19 Tourism Relief Plan to rejuvenate the tourism sector. The relief plan has mainly three phases; survival, re-opening, and re-launching. Myanmar has mostly implemented the first phase successfully and will be achieving the second with re-opening.

Buddhist temples in Pagan, Myanmar
Covid-19 in Myanmar

Myanmar suspended international commercial passenger flights following the Covid-19 outbreak in the country last year. However, this suspension didn’t include relief flights, medical evacuation, and special flights. It also suspended the issuance of all types of visas for foreign nationals from all countries.

Recently, the Information Ministry of the country claimed that it will re-open land border crossings with Thailand, next month. This move will come ahead of the resumption of international air travel in 2022.

Resumption of International Air Travel

Reportedly, the country will resume international air travel after the adequate achievement of targets under the vaccine program and the global reduction in the spread of the Covid-19.

Almost 10.4 million people in Myanmar have been fully vaccinated. Whereas, roughly 4.91 million people have only received the first dose of Covid-19 vaccines up till now.

Worldwide there have been widespread adverse effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdown. The pandemic impacted Myanmar adversely.

The tourism and hospitality industry suffered badly, leading to the shutting down of businesses, hotels, and guesthouses. Tourism reduced by 88 percent, this year.