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Pakistan supports Chinese standpoint on Xinjiang


Islamabad, 25 November (TDI): Pakistan will support the Chinese stance on Xinjiang affairs. Pakistani National Security Advisor (NSA) Dr. Moeed Yusuf in his interview with the Chinese media underlined that Pakistan supports the Chinese narrative on Xinjiang.

Xinjiang is a NorthWest Chinese region. China has legal authority in the region of Xinjiang. China has been facing allegations from the World of genocide and forced labor in Xinjiang. It has opposed all the false allegations made by the world.

Moeed Yusuf in his interview stated that China and Pakistan are all-weather friends. No storm can destroy their ironclad friendship, he added. The countries have a history of helping each other in difficult times.

Pakistan does not support the false picture of China shown by the West

He emphasized that the West is showing a false picture of China in Xinjiang. Pakistan does not support such actions by the West, he added. China has several times condemned the West for promoting a false image of Xinjiang. He stated that Pakistan supports the Chinese viewpoint of Xinjiang.

Pakistani NSA stressed that the West can continue to portray whatever it wants but Pakistan will not support its perspective on Xinjiang. He said that Pakistan knows everything about Uygurs and it trusts China. Pakistani representatives have visited Xinjiang many times and know the situation of Xinjiang. Therefore, Pakistan has zero concerns about the West’s perspective over Xinjiang.

Moeed Yusuf also thanked China for supporting Pakistan in every thick and thin. He expressed gratitude for China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) working under Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) by China in Pakistan. He also thanked China for its consistent support in the pandemic which helped Pakistan in its fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. The two countries will further strengthen their bilateral relations by expanding cooperation.

Moeed said that China and Pakistan are ironclad friends. No one can break their friendship with their propagandas. The two countries are committed to supporting each other in the moments of adversaries. China has been supporting the Pakistani stance on Kashmir. While Pakistan will support the Chinese stance on Xinjiang to oppose the false image of China presented by the West to the world.

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