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Morocco celebrated 68th Revolution Day


Rabat, 21 Aug 2021 (TDI): On Friday evening, Morocco commemorated the 68th Morocco’s Revolution Day. The Moroccan King Mohammed VI hailed the day with these heartfelt remarks to the Moroccan people “If in the past, the Revolution of the King and the people constituted a historic turning point for Morocco in its quest for freedom and independence, today a new stage opens before us where sincere patriotism is the order of the day to meet internal and external challenges”

This event honored future generations and courageous fathers who gave their lives in the fight for independence, solidarity, and a strong bond between the Moroccan people and their monarch, Mohamed VI.

It was a tribute to their long battle against colonialism as well as an appreciation of their shared experience. In addition, awards were granted to former members of the liberation army as well as their families.

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