Beijing, 7 February 2022 (TDI): The Prime Minister of Mongolia Luvsannamsrai Oyun-Erdene is visiting China till 8th February. The Mongolian Premier is visiting China for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics as well as other meetings on the sidelines.

Mongolian Prime Minister arrives in Beijing
Mongolian Prime Minister arrives in Beijing
Meeting with the Chinese President

Prime Minister Luvsannamsrai Oyun-Erdene met with Chinese President Xi Jinping on Sunday. During the meeting, Xi Jinping articulated China’s readiness to work with Mongolia so as to boost mutual trust, cooperation, and friendship.

Doing so will be beneficial for both countries as it will enable the China-Mongolia Comprehensive Strategic Partnership to reach new levels. China is willing to maintain high-level communication with Mongolia to enhance exchanges on governance experience.

Moreover, China is ready to provide assistance to Mongolia in boosting the economy, combating the pandemic, and improving people’s livelihood. Also, Xi Jinping urged the Mongolian Premier to uphold true multilateralism, protect regional peace and stability along with safeguarding international fairness and justice.

During the meeting with President Xi

Mongolian Prime Minister on his part enunciated that China’s hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics as planned has increased the world’s confidence to defeat the Covid-19 pandemic.

He said that the Olympics is a symbol of peace and solidarity for humanity and Mongolia firmly objects to the politicization of sports. In addition, Mongolia is willing to attain benefits from China’s development along with deepening cooperation and making the bilateral ties an example of relations between bordering countries as well as in international relations.

Meeting with Chinese Prime Minister

During his stay in Beijing, Luvsannamsrai Oyun-Erdene held an official meeting with the Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China Li Keqiang on February 5, 2022. the two counterparts exchanged views on enhancing ties between Mongolia and China.

The two Prime Ministers consented to improve cooperation under the framework of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership as well as the intensification of cordial ties and collaboration between the two contiguous neighbors.

Mongolian Prime Minister (L) with his Chinese counterpart (R)
Mongolian Prime Minister (L) with his Chinese counterpart (R)

In addition, they also discussed the timely resolution of pressing issues for mutual development. The two sides agreed to ensure the active participation of the private sector and investors within the framework of the “Renaissance Policy” proposed by the Government of Mongolia.

Under the policy, the implementation of significant ventures in the areas of energy, ports, construction of border infrastructure, decentralization, industrialization, and green development in Ulaanbaatar will be materialized.

Luvsannamsrai Oyun-Erdene also debated upon the extension of the National Currency Exchange Swap Agreement between the People’s Bank of China and the Bank of Mongolia by three years up till 2026. Possibly, the social and economic impact of the epidemic will return to normal by then.

In addition, the two counterparts agreed to boost the work of the gas pipeline project from Russia to China via Mongolia, as per the feasibility study. The two emphasized the significance of deepening collaboration in the fight against climate change.

In this regard, the One Billion Trees movement was discussed to combat desertification and dust storms. The Chinese and Mongolian Prime Ministers expressed their readiness to work closely in all potential domains.