Islamabad, 7 February 2022 (TDI): The Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Tourism Azam Jamil gave a statement saying that a two-year ” Tourism, Hospitality, and Culinary ” program will soon be set up at the NAML university.

The prime purpose of doing so is to educate and develop an interest in youth for this particular field. The statement came on February 6, 2022, on Azam Jamil’s official Twitter account. While giving the statement publicly, Azam Jamil stressed the potential the country has for tourism.

Particularly talking about the Potohar Plateau in Pakistan, he stated that the place is beyond beautiful. Mianwali, EasaKhel, Kalabagh, etc. are some places about which it can be rightly said that nature never fails to mesmerize.

He further added that the regions along the entire river Indus are worth being on a tourist’s list. By training the youth in the field, the tourism industry will definitely get a boost. This development is yet another step towards taking the tourism industry of Pakistan to another level.

Previous steps regarding Tourism 

Some other steps were also taken earlier this month. Punjab Government has started work on a project related to the restoration of historical sites. News on February fifth stated that the project is worth Rs.2 billion.

The prime objective of the project is the renovation of historic buildings in Pakistan. Azam Jamil also had a meeting earlier with Chairperson TEVTA, Ali Salman.

Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority

TEVTA stands for Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority.  It is the largest skill training provider in Pakistan. In the meeting between the two, the required skillset in the tourism industry was discussed.

Azam Jamil was also briefed about the progress that the TEVTA based ‘Centre of Excellence for Tourism and Hospitality has made.

Past experience of SAPM

In the year 2013, the SAPM won the Virgin Airlines Award in London. The award was given for the category of ‘ Best Restoration Effort’.