Beijing, 7 February 2022 (TDI): Russian Olympic Committee athlete Alexander Bolshunov won the first gold in the men’s 30-kilometer cross-country skiing in Beijing Olympics 2022. Alexander won the medal on Sunday, February 6, 2020.

The first 15-kilometer of skiathlon consisted of classic skiing. However, after the halfway point, the athlete switched to freestyle skiing. Initially, Alexander Bolshunov fell in the race but beat the fields within more than one minute.

Competition Key Timeline Events

Alexander Bolshunov took 1 hour 16 minutes 9.8 seconds to finish the race. His teammate, Denis Spitsov, won the silver medal and remained 1 minute 11 seconds behind. However, Livo Niskanen of Finland won a bronze medal in the race in Beijing Olympics 2022

At the 15-km mark, Alexander Bolshunoc came in second place. Soon, he managed to pass his rival and cruised the rest of the race.

Denis Spitsov also fell during the race as he took a drink. He managed to cover the lost time but by that point, Alexander was gone ahead. Eventually, he didn’t get the opportunity to turn to the victory parade.

At the final lap, Alexandar Bolshunov waved to the crowd. He high-fived his coaches and supported the whole team for this grand victory. Clutching the ROC flag, he blazed his way to get his first gold. At the magnificent moment, he embraced Denis Spitsov for winning the silver medal.

Alexander Bolshunov thanked his father who taught skiing. This one in the words of Alexander Bolshunov states the following;

“He did everything he could during all my professional career, he always supported me, helped me, advised me, and guided me — basically, the results I have today are because of him.”

Then he remarked that it is a moment of Pride for Russia. Accordingly, Russians are flying at the moment. Besides, he added that he enjoyed the final lap of the race.

It is pertinent to note that Alexander Bolshunov will get more opportunities to add to the list of medals. He will participate in five more events at the Beijing Winter Olympics.