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Microsoft announces €3.2bn investment in Germany’s AI Infrastructure


Berlin, 16 February 2024 (TDI): Microsoft 365 has unveiled an ambitious plan to invest more than €3 billion into the development of cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) infrastructure across Germany over the upcoming two years.

The announcement of funds for AI infrastructure in Germany was made during a meeting of Microsoft Corporation President Brad Smith and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Smith emphasized the profound confidence Microsoft holds in Germany.

During the meeting, Smith articulated that the nation’s export-oriented economy has consistently spearheaded technological advancements.

One of the key points of Smith’s discourse was the acknowledgment of Germany’s prominent position in Europe as the second-largest creator of AI-based applications. However, despite this, he pointed out that Germany currently ranks 11th in Europe for AI skills.

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Moreover, Olaf Scholz hailed Microsoft’s initiative as a vote of confidence in Germany’s economic potential. He cited recent substantial investments in critical sectors such as batteries, chips, and pharmaceuticals.

In addition, he expressed his desire to make Germany more attractive for businesses. He also acknowledged that the country, reliant on selling goods abroad, faces the impact of the global slowdown in economic growth.

He added that, “We’re waiting for things to pick up speed again, and when they do, companies that have invested here and those from Germany will be prepared.” The DIHK Chambers of Industry and Commerce had previously cautioned that the German economy could shrink by 0.5% which is the worst downturn in two decades.

Furthermore, companies want Social Democrat Scholz’s complicated three-party team with the Greens and pro-business Free Democrats (FDP) to improve taxes and reduce red tape.

During the meeting, Smith expressed his desire for fair, useful, and careful regulations. He mentioned, “The things people wonder about in Germany are important everywhere. If we can do well in Germany, we can help everyone in the world.”

Lastly, Marianne Janik, CEO of Microsoft Germany, declined to provide specific details regarding investment locations but mentioned a focus on the western Rhineland region and Frankfurt.

Idrees Khan
Idrees Khan
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