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Diplomatic tour of Secretary Blinken to Albania


Tirana, 16 February 2024 (TDI): Secretary Antony Blinken embarked on a diplomatic tour to Tirana, Albania, and Munich, Germany from 14th February to 17th February to strengthen the diplomatic relations of US-Albania and US-Germany as NATO Allies.

The US-Albania has had a strong historical alliance since 1922 and re-established their partnership in 1991 as they both condemned communist rule.

“Albania is a leader in the Western Balkans, a NATO ally, and a strong partner. Today in my meeting with President Bajram Begaj, I expressed our appreciation for Albania’s support for Ukraine and for hosting our Afghan allies,” Blinken mentioned.

Furthermore, he met with the Albanian Exchange Alumni and appreciated this program saying, “Our people are our strength and an exchange program like this is an investment for the toughest global challenge and they build a peaceful and prosperous world.”

Secretary Blinken and Prime Minister Edi Rama discussed the cooperation of the US-Albania to progress the regional conflicts, maintain stability, and work on judicial reform.

Additionally, he said, the US is determined to support Albania in the EU acquisition and fight for deterioration and systematized offenses.

“Justice reform is crucial for Albania and its EU integration efforts. I met with justice reform leaders in Tirana to commend their progress in advancing the rule of law and combating corruption,” Blinken added.

Secretary Blinken diplomatic engagements

Secretary Antony Blinken also met with Afghani families who were coming to Albania as refugees and assured them that they would live peaceful lives in America momentarily.

Secretary Blinken will also visit Munich, Germany for the Munich Security Conference on behalf of Vice President Kamala Harris, in the USA delegation.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken will conduct bilateral meetings to emphasize the USA’s lasting reinforcement for Ukraine and to maintain peace and security in the Middle East.

Moreover, he expressed gratitude to Albania that over 15 years as a member of NATO, Albania has played an important role in keeping peace in Kosovo to prevent Russia’s attack on NATO’s eastern side.

At last, the leader of the two countries ensures strengthening of their bilateral relationship in economic development. And said, since 2019 USA investment in the economic field of Albania has tripled. So, it will help to grow our relationship stronger.

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Secretary Blinken quoted Secretary James Baker who said to Albanian people, “You are with us, and we are with you”, Blinken reiterated, “That was true three decades ago. It remains true today. And it will remain true tomorrow”.

President of Albania Bajram Begaj said, “Grateful for what you are doing for Albania, Kosova, and the region. We appreciate the USA’s contribution to Albanian democracy, justice reform, security, and economic growth”.

Further, he said, “Albania and the US have stood together in support of Ukraine as NATO allies contributing to missions in Afghanistan and Iraq. Albania is committed to continuing its contribution alongside the US and NATO for regional and global security”.

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