Mexico City, 28 November 2022 (TDI): Mexico observed a march on November 27 to commemorate 4 years of transformation under President Andres administration. A great number of people from across the country gathered in the capital to march with the President.

The people from across the country gathered to support and march with Mexican President Andres Manuel. The head of the government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum described this march as an honor for the people of the state.

According to the data from Mexico’s Secretary of Citizen Security, approximately 1.2 million people participated in this peaceful march.

Four Years of Transformation

Mexico’s incumbent President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) won the elections in 2018 and was sworn in as a president for six years term.

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After coming into office, he announced a “Fourth Transformation” for the country. The other three transformations according to him were the Mexican Revolution, the reforms of Benito Juárez, and Mexican independence.

The President also promised zero tolerance against corruption. Mexico had been facing systemic challenges for ages in form of corruption, low and unequal economic growth, and security issues.

He introduced policies to strengthen the state’s economy and reduce the inequality that had previously prevailed in the society.

But AMLO’s victory opened doors for opportunities and hope for the state, as he is popular among the people. The country has rebooted its relations with the United States under President Joe Biden’s administration.

The previous US administration was fixed on migration and trade areas whereas now both states have a full range of bilateral issues to discuss. The Mexican President is also set to tackle the drug war in the state and illicit trafficking, with the support of the US.

The recent march in the capital city showcased the support of the Mexican people and their commitment to the government of Andres Lopez.