Warsaw, 28 November 2022 (TDI): The Father of Poland’s diplomacy, Ioannes Dantiscus is celebrated for his contribution to Poland’s diplomacy. This year marks 500 years since he played the role of the first envoy of Poland to England.

The Poland Embassy in the United Kingdom (UK) has also expressed its sincere gratitude in the long-week celebration of Ioannes Dantiscus, the Father of Poland’s diplomacy.

The week-long event is supposed to end on 30 November 2022 as they seek to undertake certain events within the celebration.

History behind Ioannes Dantiscus, Father of Poland’s Diplomacy

Five hundred years ago, Ioannes Dantiscus was the first Polish diplomat to be sent by the King of Poland by then, Sigismund I to England on a diplomatic mission. Since then he has founded the diplomatic pillars of both Poland and England.

Events for the celebration

The Panel Discussion session will be used to acknowledge those distinguished diplomats at the Polish court. Those people have contributed greatly to the country’s success in diplomacy and democracy.


There will be many speakers to attend these important events. Some of them include Piotr Wilczek a diplomat and an academician. He will be speaking on the great contributions made by people towards Poland’s diplomacy.

He has been one of the great contributors to many areas of research when it comes to Poland’s diplomatic relations. Also, Norman Davies, another great researcher, and writer of multiple books on the background and history of Poland will be speaking at the event.

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Speaking on the contributions of these great people who have made the success of Poland’s diplomacy will be a major area of concern.

In addition to the above, the history of Poland and its people will be acknowledged. Many others who will be playing key roles in the event will seek to highlight the works Ioannes Dantiscus did for the diplomacy of Poland.

The event is set to run free online and some other restricted bookings for in-person events. There will be much to learn as a citizen of Poland and how to equally contribute to the success story of the country.