Tirana, 6 December 2022 (TDI): The first-ever summit between European Union (EU) and Western Balkans’ leaders will take place today in Albania. Through this summit, the leaders from both sides will reaffirm their commitment to excel in the strategic partnership.

The 27 member states of the EU and Western Balkan partners are invited to attend the summit in Tirana, Albania. This summit is a part of the European Council’s 2019-2024 Strategic Agenda.

The Western Balkan is an important region, leaders will reconfirm the EU membership perspective. EU is fully committed to the EU integration of the Western Balkans.

Summit Agenda Highlights

During the summit, the main topics of discussion will be, the intensification of policy and political engagement, reinforcing security and building resilience against foreign intervention, and addressing the challenges posed by organized crime and migration.

Along with this, the participants will also discuss the consequences to tackle the Russian aggression in Ukraine. In this regard, they will focus on the food and energy security sector. The war in Ukraine has negatively affected energy and food security in Western Balkans.

The leaders will also discuss ways to boost political and policy engagements. The focus would be on the integration of EU internal markets with Western Balkans. The cross-border logistics will also be on discussed. The digital area for the modernization of payment systems in line with EU standards will be part of the agenda as well.

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Leaders will also exchange views on coordinated actions on security and defense issues. These issues have become more relevant in the context of the Ukraine crisis.

Another important point on the agenda will be to address migration management. This will include EU Visa policy and cooperation on return systems.

They will also discuss ways to strengthen and enhance cooperation and collaboration on counter-terrorism and the prevention of radicalization.