Islamabad, 6 December 2022 (TDI): Netherlands Embassy in Pakistan will award the Embassy Human Rights Tulip to a Pakistani grassroots activist. This award will be presented on December 8. The Human rights Tulip award is presented to Human Right Defenders (HRD) every year to support their work.

The Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs awards human rights defenders every year worldwide. This year a Pakistani grassroots human right activist will be presented with this prestigious and important award by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Pakistan.

Human rights are for everyone. All humans are equal and their rights must not be taken for granted. That is the reason human rights are promoted worldwide by the states and international organizations. In the promotion and protection of human rights, human rights defenders play a key role.

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Eduard Nazarski, former director of Amnesty International Netherlands chairs this year’s jury. He explained, “In the past year a lot has happened in the world. Things like the war in Ukraine, the World Cup in Qatar, the reception of refugees in the Netherlands, and the protests in Iran show that human rights aren’t a given. It’s important that we continue to realize this.”

This is the reason, they are celebrated and appreciated at the national and international levels each year.

Human Rights Tulip Award

Human rights defenders strive for justice in their countries, they promote and protect human rights. These individuals and organizations must be appreciated and supported.
Human Rights Tulip is a way for the Dutch government to show their admiration and support for the defenders.

This is an important award presented by the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is a bronze Tulip sculpture. Along with this, prize money of €100,000 will be given to the award winner.

The prize money can be used to expand human rights work. According to Eduard Nazarski, chair of this year’s jury, “‘A person or organization can make a big difference with this money”.