Mexico City, 21 November 2022 (TDI): Mexico commemorates the 112th anniversary of Revolution Day which takes place every year on 20 November. It is celebrated as an official Mexican government holiday across the country.

This year’s official holiday is granted on 21 November due to the coming of revolution day on a Sunday. Mexico in this regard remembers the heroes of the land who served during the revolution.

Not only the civilian population but the military has also been part of Mexico’s historic revolution. In order to celebrate the participation of the military, the civil-military parade took place to relieve the participation of naval personnel.

History of Revolution Day

This day dates back to 1910 when a 30-year-long dictatorship of a settled regime ended in Mexico. President Porfirio DĂ­az had been in power for almost 30-35 years (1876-1910).

In the presidential elections of 1910, he was opposed by Francisco I. Madero. Madero was a national leader, who instigated the movement of revolution.

The elections of 1910 were declared fraudulent by Madero and his supporters. He nullified the results and demanded to be the President of Mexico instigating a wave of people to rise against the dictatorship of Diaz.

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Madero wrote, “Throw the usurpers from power, recover your rights as free men, and remember that our ancestors left us a heritage of glory which we are not able to stain. Be as they were: invincible in war, magnanimous in victory.”

He wrote a declaration against Diaz entitled “El Plan de San Luis Potosí,” (The Plan of San Luis Potosí). It became the basis of the country’s strong political ideas of “effective suffrage, no reelections.”

The revolution was a success and Mexico adopted a new constitution in 1917 with a fresh emblem. This revolution day is enshrined in the constitution of the country.