Washington DC, 12 April 2023 (TDI): The State Department has recently announced the appointment of former National Security Council and Justice Department official, Matthew Miller as its next spokesperson.

Secretary Blinken praised Miller’s wealth of experience and deep understanding of foreign policy, which he had previously demonstrated during his role in heading up the Secretary’s nomination.

Also, Matthew Miller also took leave to join the National Security Council during Russia’s further invasion of Ukraine, leading the government’s communications and outreach efforts in support of Ukraine’s sovereignty and defense.

Miller’s prior experience as Director of the Office of Public Affairs and spokesperson to Attorney General Eric Holder at the Department of Justice makes him well-suited to navigate and communicate on complex, global challenges facing the Department today.

Moreover, Secretary Blinken expressed gratitude for Matthew Miller’s agreement to serve his country once again, and thanked Vedant Patel for his continued work as Principal Deputy Spokesperson.

Therefore, the Office of the Spokesperson, led by Matthew Miller and Patel, will continue the Department’s commitment to access and transparency.

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Notably, Matthew Miller’s appointment as spokesperson reinforces the Department’s dedication to providing the public with accurate, transparent and timely information on its policies, initiatives and actions.

Furthermore, the State Department recognized the critical role played by the Office of the Spokesperson in advancing US foreign policy objectives and promoting the interests of the American people.

In a nutshell, the State Department looks forward to working with Matthew Miller to further strengthen and enhance the effectiveness of the Office of the Spokesperson.

New role and responsibilities

As the newly appointed State Department spokesperson, Matthew Miller will be responsible for leading the Department’s communications efforts and serving as the primary spokesperson for the US Department.

In this role, he will be responsible for communicating the Department’s policies, actions, and initiatives to the public, the media, and stakeholders.

To mention, Miller’s primary responsibilities will include:

  • Overseeing the Office of the Spokesperson
  • Managing the Department’s press and public affairs operations
  • Coordinating with the Department’s various bureaus and offices to ensure accurate and timely communication of the Department’s activities and initiatives.

As part of his duties, Matthew Miller will also be responsible for responding to media inquiries, organizing and conducting press briefings and conferences, and providing media and public relations advice to the Secretary of State and other senior Department officials.

Apart from that, Miller will also work closely with Principal Deputy Spokesperson Patel and other Department officials to ensure that the Department’s communications efforts are consistent with its broader policy objectives and promote US interests around the world.