Phnom Penh, 12 April 2023 (TDI): Cambodia’s exhibition of origami hearts was inscribed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s largest presentation of origami hearts on April 11, 2023.

The United Kingdom set the previous record in 2019 with only 53,704 origami hearts.

Approximately 4 million origami hearts were exhibited in the Angkor Archeological Park complex in northwest Cambodia’s Siem Reap region to demonstrate support for SEA and ASEAN Para Games.

The Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia (UYFC) completed the origami hearts project.

Guinness World Record official adjudicator, Tomomi Sekioka, confirmed that with approximately 4 million origami hearts, the UYFC has now broken the previous world record of the greatest display of 53,704 origami hearts set by Britain on February 9, 2019.

Hun Many, President of the UYFC, created the origami hearts initiative to show support for Cambodian athletes competing in the upcoming Games, the nation’s first in 64 years.

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These hearts were then arranged in a massive grid-like structure, covering an area of over 50,000 square feet.

The idea behind this event was to demonstrate the power of love, compassion, and unity.

The display was made up of thousands of individual hearts that were created by participants through various crafts and materials, such as paper and fabric.

A volunteer team organized the event backed by several sponsors, including local companies, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations.

The organizers spent months planning for the event, including recruiting participants, developing outreach programs, and securing the necessary resources.

The event attracted a diverse range of participants, including students, community members, artists, and activists.

Each heart represented a personal expression of love, hope, and goodwill.

Many participants used the opportunity to honor loved ones, raise awareness about important issues, or promote social causes.

The event was a massive success, with thousands of people coming together to create something truly beautiful and meaningful.