Oslo, 2 June 2023 (TDI): This year’s NATO Summit brings representatives from member countries, and they gathered to discuss the vital issue of Ukraine’s integration into NATO and reaffirm their commitment to the country’s security and stability.

The discussions centered on a multi-year package of support, the establishment of a new NATO-Ukraine Council, and the formulation of credible arrangements to guarantee Ukraine’s security once the ongoing conflict comes to an end.

Recognizing Ukraine’s strategic importance in the Euro-Atlantic region, the Foreign Ministers underscored the need to accelerate the process of bringing Ukraine closer to NATO.

NATO’S Secretary General claimed that there is an utter need to make decisions to further strengthen their deterrence and defence.

They stressed that Ukraine deserves to be a part of the NATO family, as it shares common values and aspirations for peace, democracy, and security.

NATO member countries pledged to provide Ukraine with substantial assistance over several years.

This assistance will encompass various areas, including defense capacity building, military cooperation, and institutional reforms.

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To deepen the partnership between NATO and Ukraine, the Foreign Ministers agreed to establish a new NATO-Ukraine Council.

This council will serve as a platform for regular political consultations and practical cooperation, enabling Ukraine to actively contribute to NATO decision-making processes.

It will also provide an avenue for ongoing dialogue and coordination on issues of mutual concern, such as regional security, crisis management, and joint exercises.

Addressing the urgent need for Ukraine’s security, the Foreign Ministers emphasized the importance of credible arrangements once the conflict in Ukraine concludes.

These arrangements will ensure Ukraine’s territorial integrity, sovereignty, and stability while also guaranteeing the security and well-being of its citizens.

The ministers stressed the significance of a peaceful resolution and expressed their commitment to working towards a sustainable solution through diplomatic means.

The outcomes of this pre-NATO Summit meeting underscore the resolute commitment of NATO member countries to Ukraine’s security and integration.

As preparations for the upcoming NATO Summit intensify, the stage is set for constructive dialogue and further action to strengthen the Euro-Atlantic community and promote peace and stability in the region.