Phnom Penh, 10 April 2023 (TDI): Cambodia intends to break two world records at the Angkor Sankranti 2023, which will be hosted in Siem Reap province from April 14 to 16 to celebrate the Khmer Traditional New Year.

Cambodia is planning to make this year’s Angkor Sankranta celebration to an extraordinary level, including 44 enjoyable events scheduled across six distinct venues and two world record-breaking events.

The two intended records are paper heart folding and Madison dance, according to Hun Many, President of the Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia (UYFC), the organizer of the annual Angkor Sankranta.

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During the Angkor Sankranta 2015, Cambodia set Guinness World Records for the biggest Madison dance, with 2,015 people, and the 4.04-tonne Nom Ansorm, a Cambodian sticky rice cake.

In November of the same year, Cambodia’s longest dragon boat, “Kambojikaputtakhemaratari,” which translates to “the boat of Khmers in Cambodian territory,” was listed as a Guinness World Record.

It was 87.3 meters long and 1.94 meters wide. In July 2018, Cambodia’s 1,149-meter-long Krama (scarf) won the Guinness World Record as the longest Krama.

The celebration of Angkor Sankranta’s 10th anniversary, which is taking place this year under the theme “Dreams and Hopes,” honors the heritage, civilization, culture, customs, and achievements of Cambodia’s ancestors.

Folk games, traditional dances, folk dances, scenes from ordinary Cambodian life, cultural performing arts, and other activities will be part of this occasion.

This event also aims to give domestic and foreign tourists a chance to learn about the varied cultures, civilizations, traditions, and religions of Cambodia.

The conventional Khmer New Year serves as a frequent reminder of Angkor Sankranti for the Cambodian populace.

The celebration honors and supports the revitalization of Cambodia’s intangible heritage, encouraging people to contribute to the preservation and growth of the country’s culture and reputation abroad.