Washington DC, 9 March 2023 (TDI): The United States (US) Department of State recently announced that the State Spokesperson, Ned Price will be transitioning into a new role of working directly under US Secretary Antony Blinken.

The State Department thanked Ned Price for his remarkable and dedicated services and also credited him with resurrecting daily press briefings at the State Department.

In his new position under US Secretary Blinken, Ned Price will help set policies for the department, although his job description and areas of specialization were not fully disclosed.

Also, there was no clear timeline for Ned Price’s transition as the department did not announce the exact date of his move.

Vedant Patel, who had served as Ned Price’s Deputy, will take over the Spokesperson role temporarily until a permanent replacement for Ned Price is found.

Ned Price’s experience as a career diplomat and his expertise in national security and foreign policy make him a strong fit for this important role.

Moreover, his transition is a part of the US Secretary’s efforts to assemble a team of experienced and knowledgeable officials who can effectively tackle the many challenges facing the United States and the international community today.

Past Experience of Ned Price

Ned Price has served in various roles in the United States government. He joined the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in 2006 and worked there for over a decade, serving in a variety of roles related to intelligence analysis and strategic communications.

During his time at the CIA, Ned Price worked on a range of issues, including counterterrorism, national security, and Middle East affairs.

He also served as a Spokesperson for the National Security Council (NSC) under the Obama administration, where he helped to shape and communicate the administration’s policies on a wide range of issues.

In 2017, Ned Price left the government and joined the private sector, working as a director at a strategic communications firm.

However, he returned to public service in 2021 when he was appointed as the State Department Spokesperson by President Joe Biden.

As the State Department Spokesperson, Ned Price served as the public face of the department, representing US foreign policy and engaging with the media and the public.

Moreover, he also worked closely with US Secretary to develop and implement the administration’s foreign policy agenda, particularly on issues related to diplomacy, human rights, and global health.

To conclude, Ned Price’s experience and expertise in national security and foreign policy have made him a trusted advisor to US Secretary and other senior officials in the administration and they are now looking forward to his new role.