Islamabad, 12 November 2022 (TDI): Christian Turner, the British High Commissioner to Pakistan, is wearing a uniquely designed jersey in support of both Pakistan and the England teams in the present final of the T20 cricket world cup.

On November 12th, he was invited to a sports show where the host, Fakhar-e-Alam, asked him between his home country and the host country, whose side he supported in the T20 Cricket World Cup Final.

The envoy pointed to the front of his shirt, where England’s name is inscribed, and then to the back, where Pakistan’s cricket jersey is designed.

The host commented that Turner is covered both ways regardless of who wins tomorrow.

He is one of those diplomats in Islamabad who appears on Pakistani television screens more than any other ambassador and supports Pakistan. Hence, he can be regarded as the “Master of P2P Diplomacy”.

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Ambassador Turner also supported both countries in the Bilateral series between England and Pakistan. The Series of Pakistan and England was based on ten T20 matches hosted by Pakistan.

Last year, while predicting the T20 World Cup finalists, Christian Turner picked both teams together for the final; he said it would be between Pakistan and England.


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