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Lebanon connect to EU digital certificates for Covid-19


Beirut, 11 December 2021 (TDI): The European Union in Lebanon announced to accept the Lebanese digital Covid-19 vaccination certificates. The government of Lebanon and EU connected with each other for ensuring mutual certificates system for Covid-19 vaccination verification.

According to the EU in Lebanon, the Digital Covid-19 certificates provided by the Lebanese government to the fully vaccinated residents of Lebanon will be accepted in all the nation-states that are members of the European Union.

Earlier, the Lebanese people visiting European Union member states would have to stay a dedicated period in quarantine in order to get themselves into the European territories. However, the certificate acceptance will enable the people of Lebanon to visit EU member states with no restrictions imposed.

The European Union in Lebanon announced that the Lebanese digital certificates are acceptable across the EU, and the certificates provided by the European Union to its inhabitants will be acceptable throughout Lebanon while traveling. In the MENA region, Lebanon is the first country to achieve this goal of having mutual digital certificates.

The Lebanon Digital Certificates are Covid-19 E-certificates that the people fully vaccinated against the Covid-19 can get through a particular application provided by the Government of Lebanon for its citizens for easy mobility both internally and externally.

For the provision of these certificates, a group of professionals from both the European Union and Lebanon worked together and finalized a comprehensive mobile application that is now helping the citizen of both Lebanon and the EU to access their E-certificates with no issues faced.

The provision of these certificates will not only allow the people of both regions to travel with ease, but it will also enable various opportunities for business and studies.

A large number of young people from Lebanon studies in various members of the European Union, and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, their studies were highly affected. However, with these E-certificates, the disciples who are fully vaccinated can rejoin their educational institutes across Europe.

Both Lebanon and European Union share cordial relations, and with the provision of these Digital certificates, both of the parties will be able to explore more opportunities for mutual growth.

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