L-15 Advanced Jet represented China in Dubai Airshow


Dubai, 19 November 2021 (TDI): China participated in the Dubai Airshow 2021 displaying its L-15 advanced jet trainer along with indigenous helicopters, transport aircraft, and airborne weapons.

Dubai Airshow 2021

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) hosted the Airshow. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, this was the first time that China systematically presented its aviation products in a comprehensive international airshow, outside the country.

L-15 Advanced Jet Trainer

The L-15 is so far the best model of China in terms of advanced trainers. It is a product of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). A series of weapons carried by L-15 were also displayed along with the aircraft; at the outdoor exhibition area to lure in buyers from the Middle East region.

During the show, the aircraft demonstrated its ability to perform both ground attack missions and air defense; as an attack aircraft. The maneuvers exhibited by the aircraft include vertical maneuvering, reversed flights, horizontal maneuvering, horizontal rolls, vertical jumps, large angle, and small speed passes.

Aviation Industry Corporation of China

The Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Ltd. (AVIC) was established in 2008. AVIC provides various services like research and development to operation, manufacturing, and financing. It offers products related to defense, avionics and systems, transport aircraft, helicopters, flight testing, general aviation, engineering and constructio, trade and logistics, assets management, finance services, automobiles, and more.

The Dubai Airshow is one of the most successful and largest air shows in the world. It gives an opportunity of connecting to aerospace industry professionals across the world. This year, the show featured more than twenty country pavilions. Approximately 80 startups and 371 new exhibiting companies also took part in the Airshow.

The display at the show included military, commercial, and private jets including the most advanced Bombardier’s Global 7500, Boeing 777x, and numerous others. Many senior military and civil delegations also attended the event.